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Meet Lai, Our Newest Addition To The Data Science Team

I’m Lai, this is my second role in Data Science. I was involved in marketing, data management, and application development in my previous positions. I like plants.
Data Science
  • How did your interest in data science start?
I initially studied Actuarial Science but then after some time transitioned into Data Science. I had an opportunity to intern at the State of Wisconsin Investment board. After I learned what can be done with data at scale I immediately was interested and went full in on learning Data Science. 
  • What is your favorite thing about boberdoo thus far?
I really enjoy the team and flexibility. The work is very interesting and the industry is fascinating. 
  • What in your experience are you looking to bring to boberdoo?
My previous experience in fintech taught me a lot about data validation and Agile development with a strategic mindset. I think that many of the same skills apply and would be beneficial to the team at boberdoo.
  • What about ping post are you excited to dig into?
I am very interested in learning more about ping post in general and how it interacts with our daily lives, purchasing decisions, and where this industry fits into general society. 
  • Give us your best joke
 *confused Pikachu face*

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