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Should You Be Using Cherry Picker Software To Sell Leads?

We occasionally get requests from clients or prospective boberdoo users regarding the ability to allow lead buyers to log into a system and hand-pick leads that they wish to purchase. In the lead generation industry, the technology that allows this is generally referred to as cherry picker software. Simply put, cherry picker software allows lead generation companies to put individual leads on a virtual 'shelf'. Lead buyers can then shop for these leads, put them in their 'cart' and purchase them as they please.


We see this less and less as the lead generation industry continues to evolve and new technology provides better options for the lead generator, lead buyer and even the leads themselves. However, if you are still considering some kind of cherry picker software, here is what you should know.

Cherry Picker Software | The Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of cherry picker software come in direct comparison to standard, real-time lead distribution that is most commonly used in the lead generation industry.

The Pros

  • Individual selection for the lead buyer
  • No custom deliveries or integrations between the lead seller and buyer required

The Cons

  • Worse user experience for the lead
  • Slower response time by the lead buyer
  • Completely manual process

There are very few advantages to selling leads with cherry picker software as opposed to selling leads in real-time. The most important factor to consider when it comes to cherry picker software is the experience for the lead. If you plan on putting year-old leads into your cherry picker system for your buyers to purchase, you're already starting on the wrong foot. Always consider lead age and the product or service you promised to the lead before they submitted their information.

The Real-Time Distribution Advantage

Real-time lead distribution software allows you and your buyers to create filter sets based on their custom business rules and lead requirements. These filter sets then function as the real-time lead routing logic and allow for leads to be delivered to your buyers in real-time, without requiring the buyers to be in the system. Because your buyers can specify exactly which types of leads they wish to purchase ahead of time, they don't need to log into a system and cherry-pick leads to their specifications.

boberdoo's Cherry Picker Software

Although we always recommend real-time lead distribution, boberdoo does provide a cherry picking option. With boberdoo’s cherry picker software, unsold (or undersold) leads can be sold as aged leads. boberdoo allows you to set which leads will be entered, which fields the partners have the ability to view, and set prices for each lead within the Cherry Picker. Your partners can then log into the system, view the available leads, and purchase any leads that they would like. This software gives you the option to sell aged leads to your buyers, giving them the ability to log into the system at their convenience, use these cherry picked leads to supplement any lulls in real-time lead volume, and select which aged leads they would like to purchase based on their business criteria.

If you're interested in learning more about cherry picker software, please give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below.

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