Lead Generation And The 2017 Internet Trends Report

Last week, Mary Meeker, partner at the venture capital company KPCB, gave her annual internet trends report. This 355 slide report dipped into everything from online advertising, interactive games, Chinese and Indian internet trends and even digital healthcare.

Hey if you want to dig through the entire report and check out the stats for TV soap operas and reality shows in India, be our guest. However, we thought we’d help you out by wading through the stats and pulling out the most important information and internet trends for lead generation companies. Here is what we learned.

Online Advertising Means Mobile Advertising

In 2016, mobile advertising spend officially surpassed desktop spend and the projections show that trend continuing. Even if you’re not already prioritizing mobile advertising, you can be sure that your competition is.

internet trends 1

Image courtesy of Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends

The Ad Block Conundrum

Online advertising spend is higher than it has ever been ($13 billion more than the previous year). However, user ad blocking is also on the rise. In the U.S., 18% of desktop users use an ad blocking service. However, only 1% of mobile users do.

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Google and Facebook Still Lead Ad Share

By far, the biggest online advertising platforms of 2016 were Google and Facebook, which also experienced higher growth than all other ad platforms combined. It’s hard to run an online campaign without using Google of Facebook, but don’t be discouraged by other platforms. Many others are on the rise (Snapchat and mobile game advertisements) that may be underutilized by your competition.

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Image courtesy of Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends

Video Ads: Give The People What They Want

We’ve stressed in the past how important video advertising is. However, not all video ad formats are created equal. While mobile app reward and social click-to-play ads probably don’t directly apply to lead generation companies, an important finding is that skippable pre-roll and skippable mobile pop-ups are the most favorable among those surveyed. If you’re just getting started in video advertising, these would be great places to start.

internet trends 5

Image courtesy of Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends

Voice Search Starting To Replace Typing

Voice search accounts for approximately 20% of mobile search queries and in-home, voice-based devices are on the rise as well. We’ve been talking about this trend for a while and finally have some data to back it up. This trend is certainly important if you rely on SEO to generate leads or clients, but it may also be the future of lead submissions and more.

internet trends 3

Image courtesy of Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends

Digital Health The Next Big Lead Vertical?

Digital health is on the rise. From wearable health device ownership to physician and provider searches, health has turned digital in a big way. For lead generators this may represent an expansion of the traditional health insurance vertical, but it may also mean new opportunities to generate leads directly for physicians or clinics.

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Image courtesy of Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends
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