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3 Stats That Prove Solar Lead Generation Is Super Profitable

When lead generation companies are looking to expand their business into new verticals they are looking for several factors. These factors include the ability to generate the leads, the capacity to sell the leads and likelihood for the leads to convert. With these attributes in mind it is no wonder that solar lead generation is currently a hot topic among lead buyers and sellers. If you are not already convinced, prepare to be. These 3 facts might make you reconsider.

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1. 5 to 10 million households are currently considering adoption of solar energy

In order to be an effective lead generation company you need to generate leads and in order to generate leads you need an audience that is looking for the product or service. Luckily, there are a large amount of Americans that are considering making the switch and an outstanding 25% of American homes are suitable for solar panels. With such a large pool of potential leads, businesses that aren't already doing solar lead generation can certainly carve a substantial niche within the industry.

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2. There are approximately 3,000 solar installation companies in the United States

For a lead generation business to be successful and profitable there needs to be an end service provider to purchase their leads. And with over 3,000 solar installation companies, there is no shortage of buyers looking to purchase solar leads. As the demand for solar technology has increased, these solar service providers have turned to lead generators for both commercial and residential purchase and installment opportunities. This growing solar lead buyer pool is great for you, because remember, the more buyers you work with, the more opportunities you have to sell every lead at its highest price.

3. In 2016 the millionth house installed solar panels, and that number is expected to double by 2018

Just like any other business, if you provide a good, high quality product you can expect your buyers to keep coming back for more. This concept is the same with solar lead generation buyers where the number of leads converting to sales are rapidly increasing. If you provide quality leads, your solar service providers will be looking to get as many leads as they can service from you.

boberdoo.com has been working with lead generation companies since 2001. We have seen, first-hand, the growth and profitability of solar lead generation. Solar leads used to be generated as a single project type for the larger home improvement lead vertical. However, it has grown into a lead vertical all of its own and for good reason. If you're interested in getting into solar lead generation, we'd love to help. Our sophisticated lead distribution software continues to help lead companies automate and optimize their lead businesses. Give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below!

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