Benefits of Using an Online Form Builder

Lead Generation Companies Need an Online Form Builder

One of the most important steps of the lead generation process is acquiring and differentiating leads based on the information the leads themselves provide. As you know, the most efficient way of doing this is by using forms created to your preferred specifications. Now let's face it, unless you're a closeted programming guru looking to spice up a Friday afternoon, creating your own forms from scratch probably isn't your best bet. To learn how to make them quickly and easily, while still looking like a pro coded them, check out our Expert's Guide to the Forms Manager/Builder

Instead, an online form builder provides you with three distinct benefits that can help you save precious time and, more importantly, help you harvest inbound leads more effectively.

1) Ease-of-Use

Online form builders take all of the programming knowledge out of the equation. By simply specifying the fields you wish to add to your form and arranging them however you desire, you can easily put together a professional form within minutes. Additionally, the forms you create can easily and seamlessly be integrated right into your current landing page with no added hassle.

New Form Builder

2) A/B Testing

One of the greatest advantages of using an online form builder is the ability to test your forms. Because each business is different and consumer actions are constantly changing, it is extremely important to create the right form to optimize your lead flow and maintain lead quality. The only way to discover the form specifications that are best for your business is to test. Online form builders allow editing for everything from the smallest tweaks to the largest changes to your forms in an instant, giving you the opportunity to easily perform A/B tests to determine which forms or features best optimize your business.

  A/B Form Testing

3) Customization

Finally, online form builders also allow you to customize your form to the exact specifications that you desire. This means that you can ask for fields as standard as 'name' and 'phone number' or for fields as detailed as 'boxers or briefs' (although we do not recommend this). Additionally, online form builders allow you to customize your form to fit the look and feel of your website by simply choosing from several template options.

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As integral pieces of the lead generation industry, forms and form building remain top priorities for us at We offer an easy-to-use form builder that delivers on the three benefits listed above and is located conveniently within your boberdoo system. For more information on our form builder, check out the details or watch our step-by-step videos on our form builder page.'s lead distribution software allows you to keep your entire operation in one platform, giving you maximum flexibility with client budgets, tracking and ultimately maximizing the revenue for each lead you generate.  If you are already a client, the online form builder is already in your system.  To learn more about lead generation marketing tools in the distribution system, please click on the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646.

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