Real-Time Lead Distribution Software vs. Lamborghini

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Lead in, lead out (.97 seconds). Lead in, lead out (0.83 seconds). Lead in, lead out (1.12 seconds). If you're following along, just over 3 seconds have passed and you've already acquired, matched, sold, and distributed 3 leads in real time. That's how long it takes for the world's fastest Lamborghini to reach 60 mph. Not too shabby. Do you deal in Ping Post leads? No Problem. For many ping post leads, the entire process still takes less than 7 seconds. Meanwhile, in that time our Lamborghini still has yet to drive a quarter mile.

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The Need For Speed in Real-Time Lead Distribution Software

A mere 15 years ago, this exceptionally quick process was only a dream. Today, real-time lead distribution software makes it all possible. With real-time lead distribution software, your company can receive a lead (either from your marketing campaigns or by purchasing it from another company), digest the lead details, match it to an appropriate buyer based on your business rules, and sell the lead within seconds. Not only does the entire process happen in an instant, your real-time lead distribution software also allows you to generate maximum revenue on each lead. The only thing that is required of you is to set up potential inbound sources and outbound buyers and your system does the rest, almost instantaneously.

The evolution of real-time lead distribution software continues to optimize lead generation and distribution and improve the lead industry as a whole. Because of real-time lead distribution, not only do your leads move to their appropriate destinations nearly instantly, but you receive all of the up-to-the-second data that you need to make informed business decisions that can give you an edge on your competition. So whether you're selling home improvement leads or racing a Lamborghini, keep in mind the power and importance of real-time lead distribution software.'s lead distribution software provides not only real-time performance, but also a user-friendly system that is customized to your business. To learn more about our real-time lead distribution software, please fill out the form below or call 800-776-5646.

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