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At boberdoo, we have been innovating and improving the lead generation industry since 2001. We pride ourselves in giving our clients opportunities to not only save valuable time in the day-to-day management of their lead business,  but even present them with new opportunities built with direct revenue growth in mind. Because of our years of experience and passion to help lead gen companies, we were more than happy to sit down with Salesgenie for a one-on-one interview involving the lead generation industry and strategies that lead generators can adopt.

Creating A Foolproof Lead Generation Strategy

In this installment of salesgenie’s Expert Interview Series, boberdoo’s head of sales and marketing, Scott Hettman, fielded questions regarding generic lead generation practices and even some specific strategies that lead generators should consider.

For a full transcript of the interview, please read Scott Hettman of Boberdoo On Creating A Foolproof Lead Generation Strategy

expert interview - boberdoo and salesgenie
Whether you are a current boberdoo client looking to optimize your lead business or a lead generator looking for some strategies to take your business to the next level, we highly recommend this read.

About is a leading provider of lead and call distribution software. Traditional lead generation companies, media companies, advertising firms, advanced affiliate marketers and more utilize our system to automate virtually every back-office task that lead companies encounter. From intelligent lead and call routing to automated invoicing and billing, the boberdoo system is equipped with the standard features and customizable options that are perfect for any lead company.

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There is a reason boberdoo has been around since 2001 while dozens of other lead software providers have come and gone over the years. It works.

We would be more than happy to show you exactly what boberdoo is capable of. But more importantly, we’d love to speak with you about your specific business, your current needs and where you’d like to take your business in the future.

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