What Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Means For Lead Generation Companies

Google released its latest algorithm update on Tuesday with the intention of rewarding websites that are mobile-friendly and dropping the rankings of those that are not. While this update was unlike past algorithm changes because it was announced back in February, it has still presented problems to some website owners whose sites weren’t up to Google standards.

What does this update really mean?

Tuesday’s update focused solely on mobile search rankings, meaning that only search results displayed on a smartphone or equivalent mobile device were affected. All desktop and tablet search algorithms remain the same. However, don’t let out a sigh of relief just yet. If you didn’t already know, mobile has overtaken desktops in the number of global users. In the grand scheme of search rankings, this update is a big deal. If you rely on google search results in any capacity when generating web leads or calls, this update may directly affect your organic ranking and thus, your traffic.

How do I know if my website or landing pages are mobile-friendly

The easiest way to know is to use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If this tool says your page is mobile-friendly, you’re good to go.

Mobile-Friendly lead generation software with boberdoo

What should I do if my website is not mobile-friendly?

It is no longer simply an added benefit to have a mobile-friendly website and landing pages. It is vital. While paid search ads are not affected by this update in the same way as organic search results, Google is not hiding its intention to perfect the mobile experience. It is to your benefit to mobile-optimize your website and landing pages as soon as possible. Google has even published a list of mistakes to avoid when mobile optimizing your website.

How boberdoo can help

While we can’t mobile-optimize your webpages, there is one way that boberdoo can help. The Form Builder, built into every boberdoo.com lead distribution system, contains a mobile-friendly feature that ensures that the form on your landing page is displayed correctly for mobile users. You have the option to show a mobile-optimized form only to users that are on a mobile device, while desktop users retain the intended user experience. This tool won’t mobile-optimize your entire page, but it will help you achieve Google’s standards with an easy-to-use feature that can be mastered by someone without programming or web design knowledge.

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