If You’ve Never Been To LeadsCon, Here’s What You Need To Know

never been to LeadsConAlthough boberdoo.com has been a mainstay since LeadsCon began, I attended and exhibited this year for the first time. If you’ve attended before, you know the drill. However, if you’ve never been to LeadsCon, you probably have questions about whether the trip is worth the investment (not to mention the time spent in the casinos). Because of this, I decided to put together a brief list for those who have never attended and may be on the fence about registering by the time the next LeadsCon rolls around.

1. Lead Buyers Galore

From what we encountered, a large percentage of all LeadsCon attendees were lead buyers looking for additional lead sources. While the sizes of these business and sophistication of their processes varied, the quantity was certainly there.

2. Insurance Vertical Well Represented

By far the most represented lead vertical was insurance. If you’re looking to grow your insurance vertical or even expand into it, LeadsCon can certainly provide you the opportunities to do so.

3. A Place For Small Niches Too

Don’t get me wrong, the bigger verticals will always dominate conventions like LeadsCon, but that doesn’t mean smaller, niche-based businesses can’t find opportunities as well. We saw these connections throughout the show, however, these opportunities are most likely to occur between attendees rather than at exhibitor booths so be sure to network whenever possible.

4. Little Foot Traffic

By most accounts, this year’s LeadsCon was relatively slow. While it’s still possible to find high quality business opportunities, don’t expect quantity. As you’d imagine, day two was much slower than day one. So if you need to pick just one day to walk the exhibit hall, choose accordingly.

5. Interior Booths Are Premium Real-Estate

If you have plans of exhibiting at LeadsCon in the future, strategize based on your location. If you have an exterior booth or table, do outbounds leading up to the show to get people to stop by. Foot traffic is slightly thinner on the outsides. If you have an interior booth, you can rely more on traffic, but you also have more to compete with and a larger price tag. Lay out your expectations and goals first, then decide how you will approach it.

6. Beginner’s Luck Is No Joke

This probably goes without saying, but don’t forget to hit the casinos. Beginner’s luck is very real!

boberdoo.com is a leading provider of lead distribution software. We have been attending LeadsCon since it’s inception. You could say we know a thing or two about lead conventions and the lead industry as a whole. If you’d like to explore our call routing and outbound automation software, feel free to call 800-776-5646 or click the red Contact Us tab.
never been to leadscon

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