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The State of the Lead Generation Industry

According to President Obama in last night’s State of the Union Address, the state of the Union is strong. Well that’s good and well, but I think you missed something, Mr. President. What about the state of the lead generation industry? Don’t worry, boberdoo’s got you covered. As a leader in the lead generation industry since 2001, we’ve seen the ups and downs that this young industry has experienced and have contributed first hand to the evolution of not only the industry, but hundreds of lead generation companies as well. Because of this, we feel qualified to speak on the state of the lead generation industry.

The lead generation industry is in a state of Growth. Here’s why.

state of the lead generation industry - boberdoo.com

The Advance of Ping Post

We’ve spoken about the growth of ping post technology and it’s expansion into new verticals in the past. Well it’s happening right before our eyes. While the insurance and home improvement verticals have operated nearly exclusively in ping post for several years, 2015 showed a transition of the Mortgage and Merchant Cash Advance verticals into ping post as well.

More Attention Than Ever Before

The continued growth of the lead generation industry has without a doubt driven more attention and technological innovation in the industry than ever before. This growth has also drawn the attention of larger government agencies and resulted in more regulatory action. In October, the FCC hosted a workshop focused specifically on the lead industry. This year the FCC also updated the TCPA with stricter restrictions on “Robocalls”, lessening the type of calls and SMS messages that can be sent to individuals.

The growth of lead generation has brought not only innovation and new opportunities to the industry, but it has also increased the attention that the industry receives from other business and regulatory agencies. Gone are the days of the lead industry operating "under the radar". Because of this growth and attention, one of the biggest trends we anticipate to see in 2016 and moving forward is customer protection.

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