10 Lead Generation Solutions For Your Business

Sometimes it just takes one piece out of place to compromise your whole plan. When it comes to lead generation, that may mean a bad CTA, an unfocused landing page, or unappealing copy. How can you make sure all the pieces are falling into place? See if any of these lead generation solutions fit your business:

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Make diverse content

If you produce the same kind of content over and over again, potential buyers may look the other way. Buyers in the first stages of making a purchase will often look at multiple options, and if you can’t draw them in multiple times, you’re losing business.

Follow the numbers

Testing your sales tactics can lead to surprising results. Websites like WhichTestWon show the impactfulness of even small changes on your site. If you feel like your landing pages and emails are the best they can be, think again. There's always something you can tweak to test this.

Limit Their Options

Don’t overwhelm your buyers with options. Make sure that once they get to your site, their options are limited. Once they’re further into the process, customization is a wonderful thing, but they may not get that far if they have trouble getting started.


Beyond the landing page, leaving a digital trail called "breadcrumbs" through your site is helpful for you and your customer. By knowing where a certain type of buyer is likely to click next, their journey can be personalized. This also has the side effect of making your website more organized.

Catch Them On Their Way Out

Many websites now use Exit Detection, which creates a pop-up as soon as a mouse movement is made either up towards the close button or too quickly. This allows one last message before the window is closed. When this is a coupon or other offer, it can effectively keep people on your site.

Be Action-Oriented

The Call-to-Action button is a touchy topic in the lead gen world. While there’s not a lot of debate about its effectiveness in generating leads, everyone has a different idea of what a “proper” CTA button should say. Our advice? Be action-oriented: “Let’s get started!” sounds a whole lot more interesting than “Learn More.” This is often a subject of intense A/B testing, and we encourage you to try all different ideas.

Be Value-Oriented

Another reason “Learn More” is a subpar CTA is because it doesn’t provide the reader with anything. Visitors to your site like receiving content, especially when it’s not designed to plug anything. They’re doing research and crave relevant information without committing. Phrases like “Download Our Free Whitepaper” are perfect for showing your value.

Diversify & Advertise

Your best lead generation solutions are squandered if nobody sees them. By producing content and advertising across multiple websites, not only are you expanding your audience, but you’re improving your search engine value as well. Check sites like SearchEngineLand or Business 2 Community for opportunities to link back to your site.

Remember the whole funnel

Buyers may be coming to your site from all different angles. Some might just be starting to browse, while some have narrowed their options down significantly. If you can single out the avenues that different buyers are coming through, you can tailor the pages to suit their needs. That way you’re not explaining what leads are to your advanced buyers, and you’re not discussing the merits of bucket distribution to the newbies.

Be Present

According to InsideSales, 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to make contact. Thus, an interactive presence on your site may be just what you need. There are plenty of services for live, onsite chat that can bring your buyers to your side before they even get a chance to leave your site.

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