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5 Uncommon Lead Generation Verticals (and Why They’re Worth Your Time)

We’ve written time and time again about insurance, home improvement, mortgage, senior care, and plenty of other standard lead generation verticals. But there are some that you may never have thought of that are still major industries built on the foundations of lead generation. Here are just a few that caught our eye:

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Private Jet Rental

Sometimes you just have to get places in style. Private jet rental is by no means a common vertical, but there’s a big segment of the population that’s rich, but not quite own-a-jet rich, that use these services. You know, for special occasions. After all, a Christmas flight from our Madison office to our Chicago office would only cost you $6,912. The outrageous prices are why this business is so lucrative: IBISWorld estimates the industry to be worth $18 billion. But that’s a one way trip; you might want to carpool back.


Believe it or not, there is a lot of lead potential in petsitting. Whether it’s for those who work long hours, or just people going out of town, anyone with a pet at some point will need a petsitter. But when the neighbors are out of town, trusting a stranger to take care of a pet is hard. With pet sitting leads, it’s not just price, but reviews and quality of service that play the most important role in the vertical. People are willing to pay a premium to make sure their pet is taken care of, if the $47.7 billion going through the industry means anything.

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Marijuana Dispensaries

We’ll call these “local leads,” since they’re not federally… legal (as of this writing). However, with many states allowing medical use of marijuana, and a handful of states outright legalizing it, people looking to set up dispensaries are looking for others who know what to do to get business rolling. In many cases, a dispensary lead is really just a business consult request, which means that you don’t have to know how to roll a joint to help get a joint set up. However, if you’re looking to consult, it’s at least worth reading about, since dispensarieshave very, very strict guidelines. As they should, for a$573 million industry.


While not a typical B2B vertical, matchmaking is, at its heart, a lead generation service. The service, whether it be Match.com, JDate, or any of the other countless matchmaking sites, uses personal information to match people up with someone they’re interested in for a fee. Now it’s rare that you would ever see these leads being sold individually, but the subscription model seems to work quite well - over $1.7 billion go through the dating world every year.

Egg Donors

For couples that want children but struggle with it, alternatives are available. One of these is being the recipient of an egg donation, and this process is actually done through lead distribution software. Couples looking for donations can go to any number of services, look through potential donors, and submit their contact information to work towards having a child. And there’s money in it, too; ABCNews claims that the industry is worth $38 million per year.

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These lead generation verticals aren’t your average, every-day business. But we can see that they’re worth a fair amount, and they are niche services. Narrow verticals mean that expertise and volume are hugely important factors in the success of a lead generator. If you’re motivated to learn and expand your market, why not branch out? We at boberdoo have worked with all of these verticals and would be happy to help you get set up. Give us a call at 888-665-4510, and click the banner above to download our free eBook, 10 Things to Consider Before Starting a Lead Generation Company.

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