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Are Your Lead Sellers "Honest Abes?" If Not, Use leadQC Lead Scoring

We no longer live in a world of Honest Abes and lead generation companies need a lead scoring system to evaluate lead sellers, even if they "cannot tell a lie." boberdoo.com clients can utilize leadQC for lead scoring and improve the quality of the leads they sell.  Even the best marketing methods produce bogus leads, and we owe it to our clients (and forefathers) to produce the highest quality lead possible.

leadQC Lead Scoring

leadQC is a proprietary lead scoring process that checks the data points submitted on a lead against 30 databases to check everything from IP to phone, and hold those leads determined to be potentially "bogus" for manual review by your internal team.  leadQC can be turned on and off on a source-by-source basis, giving you the flexibility to do anything from spot checking lead sellers to scoring each lead that makes it into your system.

Lead Scoring

As we spend this President's Day honoring our forefathers with incredible sales on everything from furniture to flooring, take a minute and explore using leadQC for your lead scoring in your boberdoo.com system.  Honest Abe would be proud.

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