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Advanced Time & Day Lead Pricing Options in boberdoo.com

 As buyer demand changes, so should lead pricing options.

You know the problem.  Your lead and/or call buyer likes your quality but starts rattling off parameters like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack.  "I take leads in FL and GA Monday & Wednesday from 9-5, leads from all states except CA on Tuesday & Thursday from 10-6 and only AK and HI on Saturdays and Sundays.  And I need to pay different amounts for each."  Next thing you know, this buyer has 15 filter sets which can make managing your lead flow more difficult.  Accounts get cluttered, there is more room for error in reprocessing leads, troubleshooting is a nightmare and the Filter List tab is a mess.  That is why boberdoo.com developed advanced time & day lead pricing options for our clients' filter set management.

Lead Pricing Options

This feature allows boberdoo.com clients to create a schedule based on specific day-of-the-week and time-of-the-day settings.  In addition, a unique price can be entered for each row of the schedule.  This feature gives the lead generation company maximum flexibility with lead pricing options to customize their distribution to meet the needs of their clients. Below are two examples of ways to utilize the advanced time and day lead pricing options in your boberdoo.com distribution system. 

Example 1: Inbound Phone Filter Set

boberdoo.com clients that sell calls will benefit greatly for this new lead pricing option.  In the example below, the call buyer wants to pay $20/call during their business hours, $15/call for Saturday business hours and, of course, has different hours depending on the day.  

Example 2: Auto Finance Filter Set

The time and day lead pricing option can also be utilized with web leads, and even used in conjunction with ping post leads.  In the auto finance lead filter set below, the lead buyer again is willing to pay different amounts based on the specific time and day of the week.  boberdoo.com clients can then utilize the profit margin matrix to take different profit percentages based on the specific bid from this buyer.

 With some additional customization, you can also have scheduled lead cost settings added to your boberdoo.com lead distribution system.  This feature would allow you to adjust the payout to the vendor based on similar time of day and day of week settings.  This is especially helpful for boberdoo.com clients that buy calls from third party marketers as you now have the flexibility to buy off-hour and weekend calls at different prices from the calls that come in during business hours.

Request A Demo

The advanced time & day lead pricing options will help boberdoo.com clients more efficiently manage their clients' filter sets and better align their costs and product offering to meet the needs of those clients.  If you are interested in this new feature and/or the scheduled lead cost settings, please click here to have your system updated.

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