Lead Companies And Lead Reprocess Campaigns

Like most people in the lead generation industry, you’ve probably done your fair share of research on email marketing. You’ve probably also wondered exactly how effective email marketing can be specifically for a "lead gen" company. We get it. We’ve been working with lead companies for nearly two decades. That’s why we developed an email marketing tool built specifically for lead companies to help them do anything from simply picking the low hanging fruit to running expansive, intelligent campaigns. Along with many sophisticated features, we have built a campaign option completely unique to lead businesses that can work perfectly for any lead company operating in any lead vertical. It’s called a lead reprocess campaign.

lead reprocess campaign by boberdoo

What’s a Lead Reprocess Campaign?

A lead reprocess campaign works in conjunction with your boberdoo lead distribution system to automatically resubmit an existing lead’s information based on the lead’s response to your marketing email. When an existing lead shows interest in resubmitting their information, instead of redirecting the lead to a landing page and another form to fill out, a single click on your email can trigger the resubmission of their original lead information. This lead comes into the boberdoo system as a unique lead with a unique lead ID and then attempts to match to any eligible buyers.

Use Case: Home Improvement Leads

The typical de-dupe period for most lead types is 30 days. If you try to resubmit a duplicate lead within 30 days of the original lead submission, the lead will be rejected. Because of this, reprocess campaigns should be launched starting the day after your lead type’s de-dupe period expires. Here’s the scenario:

  • Build a dynamic campaign that delays the first email 30 days.
  • 30 days after the initial submission, the lead receives an email reminding them that they submitted a home improvement inquiry 30 days ago. If their needs were not met or if they would like to resubmit their information, click the link provided.
  • When they click the button in the email, you redirect them to a thank you page.
  • The click on the email triggers the lead resubmission.
  • The lead enters the boberdoo system as a unique lead and is eligible to match and sell to your network of buyers.

Reprocess Campaigns By The Numbers

A reprocess campaign sounds great on paper, but can it actually be a revenue stream for your lead company? Let’s stick with home improvement as an example and look at the numbers.

  • Let’s assume you’re generating and selling 100 home improvement leads/day and selling them for an average of $25 each.
  • Once those 100 leads reach day 30, they automatically begin receiving your reprocess drip campaign.
  • Assuming a conservative 5% conversion rate, your campaign generates 5 leads each day valued at $25 each for a total of $125.
  • Over the course of a year, this comes out to $45,625.

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