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How Lead Sellers Can Profit From Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead nurturing isn’t new. We know. Although any sales team’s reliance on the nurturing process may vary depending on the product or service being sold, it is certainly a staple for any business looking to optimize their close rate. But lead nurturing is something completely different for a lead generation company or an affiliate marketer. Once you sell your lead in real-time to a buyer, it’s on them to nurture the lead and close the sale right? Not necessarily.

What Is A Lead Nurturing Campaign?

A lead nurturing campaign is typically an outbound email strategy with the goal of building the lead’s interest in the product or service. When successful, this campaign will provide assistance to the salesperson and help them close the deal, but these campaigns can even prompt the lead to call or otherwise reach out for the requested product and service again, an unmistakable sign that the lead is ready to purchase. Typically the lead buyer’s sales or marketing team would be responsible for constructing and managing these nurturing campaigns. However, this is where the twist comes in for lead generation companies and even affiliate marketers. In the lead nurturing campaign we’re proposing, the lead seller is actually the one running the nurturing campaign.

Use Case

Most lead generation companies or affiliate marketers that offer lead nurturing services position their nurturing campaigns as an upsell opportunity. Some charge a flat monthly fee, others may increase their price per lead or operate on a revenue split with the buyer, while others even offer nurturing campaigns for free as a way to court new buyers and increase the quality and value of their own leads. The value and flexibility that lead nurturing campaigns provide is incredible, but that’s not even the best part. With the right lead marketing software, you can set up branded lead nurturing campaigns that are completely automated and don’t require an email marketing expert to assemble or manage.

lead nurturing campaigns with Boberdoo

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