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Using a Static List in Email Marketing

It’s harder than ever to run a successful email campaign to a static list of contacts. If you plan on running a campaign or email blast the old fashioned way, it is essential to follow a few best practices to give yourself the best shot at success.

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What’s a Static List?

A static list is your traditional file of contacts you plan on emailing to. While marketers have been emailing to static lists for a long time, they are being utilized less frequently as dynamic lists have (for the most part) proven to be the more valuable and compliant sending option. For that very reason, make sure you are following static list best practices whenever possible.

Static List Best Practices

Scrub your list

Bad data isn’t just useless, it can damage your sending reputation and sabotage future campaign success. Make sure you scrub your list, update all contact information when necessary and make sure all fields are listed in the same format.

Include All Contact Data

You may be tempted to only utilize a contact’s name and email address when sending. We strongly recommend considering all the data you have for each contact. Not only can you populate subject lines and email bodies with the recipient's personal information, but you can also pre-populate forms with the recipient’s info by utilizing magic strings. This will not only provide a more personal connection, it can also significantly increase conversions.

Utilize Customer Triggers

When looking at your static list, it is impossible to know which contacts are more interested and more likely to convert on whatever you are offering. Customer triggers allow you to segment your list based on actions taken by the customer. You can move everyone that opened or clicked on your email to a separate list and even automatically launch another campaign to those that showed more interest.

Build an Email Drip

You shouldn’t feed content with a single email to your static list. The odds that the recipient will read your entire email are low and the chance of conversion is even lower. Why not increase your odds by increasing your email frequency? You can build a single campaign that drips multiple emails at the frequency of your choosing.

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