The Tools You Need for International Lead Routing

When reaching out across borders, it can be scary. Maybe a business 1000 miles away does business differently than you do. How will you make it work? How does it work with different currencies, languages, or time zones? Despite the difficulty of answering these questions, international lead routing is something many businesses do, and do successfully. Here are some tools that you'll need in order to make sure your international lead routing goes well:

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International Web Lead Routing And Ping Post

Starting with the basics, you'll need a way to get every lead to every buyer. We've been building a lead business for nearly two decades and have clients all over the world. No matter what vertical, no matter where in the world, we route your leads properly.

International Call Routing

No matter the type of lead you're routing, we've got your back. Send your calls around the world with the boberdoo system, and expand your lead network across borders.

International Geo-Targeting

boberdoo's call and lead routing can be set up in a number of ways, but one of the most useful across borders is with geographic-targeting. As lead information is collected, addresses and phone numbers give valuable information about the location of the lead, which allows us to automatically route without your having to setup hundreds of different rules. It just makes life easier.

System Set to Your Local Time

Your clients around the world still need to sleep, you know. Even if they're done with work just as you're getting out of bed, it's important to keep in mind when your leads go through to make sure they're as fresh as possible.

System Set to Your Local Currency

Just because we're a US-based company, doesn't mean you have to work in USD. Whether you're in pounds, francs, rupees, or any other currency, we're happy to make the system work for you. Just one more way we try to make international lead routing less of a headache, no matter where you are.

Forms and Languages

You're gonna have people all over the world filling out a form? Well, luckily it's easy to build out multiple forms in different languages to ensure everyone has an equal chance to get you their information. Our Forms Manager makes it simple to copy forms and make quick changes like field names. That way, you don't have to commit all of your time to making your site work in 10 different ways.

International Server Locations

By hosting servers in all different parts of the world, latency is minimized and access is maximized. In addition, with multiple servers, if one goes down, the boberdoo system can switch to any of its others as a backup. No downtime, no worries, no matter where you are in the world.

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