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Google’s DMARC Policy Update And Email Marketing

Google recently announced that they will be moving their hosted mailbox services to a DMARC policy. DMARC is an organization dedicated to reducing spam and other fraudulent emails. Because Google plans on adopting a DMARC policy, this means there will be a slight change in the way you can send emails from an @gmail.com account. You can read about DMARC in greater detail here

dmarc policy

What is the DMARC policy change?

Starting in June, this policy change will affect the delivery of emails via an @gmail.com from address through a 3rd party emailing service. For example, if you send an email with yourgmailaccount@gmail.com as the from email address through a 3rd party emailing service such as Mailchimp, your email will most likely bounce.

What does this mean for Gmail users?

If you are a Gmail user sending one-off emails via your Gmail account, you are in the clear. This change only affects emails sent from a gmail address via a 3rd party email service.

What does this mean for Email Marketing?

If you currently use a 3rd party emailing system, you can no longer use a gmail account as your from email address. While you can still use other free email accounts such as Outlook to do your sending, most email services are moving in the same direction as Gmail. Your best bet is to send from an email address of a domain that you own.

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