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Using a Dynamic List in Email Marketing

Dynamic lists are the standard when it comes to email marketing. As opposed to their static counterparts, campaigns utilizing a dynamic list typically perform at a very high level. If you’re interested in marketing like the experts, utilizing dynamic lists is essential.

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What’s a Dynamic List?

A dynamic list is a set of criteria rather than a standard set of contact data. Contacts can dynamically enter these lists if they meet your specified criteria or can be moved to this list based on an action taken by the contact itself. For example, a home improvement lead generator could put all contacts that filled out an online form specifying their interest in roofing replacement in one list and all leads interested in a kitchen remodel in another. Alternatively, you could move all contacts that have opened a previous email (or clicked a link or fired a pixel) into a unique dynamic list. Once a contact enters a dynamic list, you have the ability to automatically launch an email campaign for that contact.

Dynamic lists increase the success rate of your marketing campaign not only because they trigger campaigns based on an action taken by the contact, but also because the information the contact submits via an online form allows you to segment your contacts in real-time and launch more targeted campaigns.

Dynamic List Use Cases


A very common dynamic list use case is a newsletter subscription. When a contact subscribes to your newsletter, you can automatically enter them into your list, send an autoresponder confirmation and include them in the next email blast without any action taken by you.

Remarketing Campaigns

The best way to monetize your dynamic lists is to launch remarketing campaigns to your contacts. When a contact fills out a form you can dynamically enter them into an outbound marketing campaign based on the page they submitted the inquiry or the product or service requested. Lead generation companies using the boberdoo lead distribution system have an additional advantage of segmenting these lists and campaigns based on the intricate details on each form or lead type.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

One of the best ways to increase sales is to launch lead nurturing campaigns as you receive each lead in real-time. Whether your company is dialing out on the leads or you are providing a nurturing service on behalf of a client, staying in contact with the lead after submission is vital. This can be done automatically by entering each contact into a dynamic lead nurturing campaign upon submission.

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