Ping Post: Revolutionizing How You Buy Mortgage Leads

If you’re trying to buy mortgage leads, you should know about what the future of automated lead selling holds for you and your business. Currently, automating the lead buying and selling process is fairly static. You set up a filter set, set a price, and buy only specific leads that fit exact criteria. That happens day in, day out, no variation unless you manually go in and change it. But there’s another way. Many companies in the mortgage vertical are moving to ping post. But why? Well, let me tell you.

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First: How Does Ping Post Work?

If you’re unfamiliar with ping post, it is a lead distribution system that comes in two parts. When a lead seller sends out a ping, they send you a segment of a lead’s information. This is information that’s relevant to the lead quality. In mortgage, it’ll tell you the home price, down payment, credit score, etc. If that lead is interesting, you can then bid on it. If you win the bid, you get the contact info, or post, enabling you to reach out to the lead and start the sales process.

Dynamically Bid

Sometimes you get leads that aren’t A+ quality. With a standard distribution system, you’re paying the same price regardless of the lead quality. With ping post, however, when you buy mortgage leads, you enter a bid into an auction for the lead. Whoever bids most receives the lead. If your lead quality standards aren’t met, your bid can be setup to decrease, meaning if you wind up with a lead you’re not 100% on board with, you’re paying less than average for it.

Experiment a Little

Dynamic bidding enables you to take chances on leads that you may not have otherwise. Being able to lower your bids based on anything, from who the seller is to individual fields of the lead, means you can take some risks and not feel it in your wallet. Try out new lead types or new lead sellers for cheap.

Safety First

When you buy mortgage leads, ping post keeps your information and your leads’ information safer than a standard distribution system. The discrete nature of ping post means that a lead’s information is served to fewer people on average, and that the information resides on fewer systems. For more information, check out our article post from our CEO and founder, Brad Seiler.

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So what are you waiting for? If you're buying mortgage leads, start looking into ping post and see if you can start selling faster, safer, and with more versatility. We here at boberdoo would be happy to help. Click the banner above to download our free Basics of Ping Post whitepaper, or give us a call at 800-776-5646.

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