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How "Dynamic" Is Your (Ping Post) Pricing?

As more verticals move toward the ping post model, dynamic ping post pricing is something that appeals to a lot of companies.  Utilizing dynamic pricing, lead generation companies can automatically carve out a profit margin based on the bids of the matching clients. This functionality helps clients optimize their lead flow without taking on additional risk of generating leads with no buyers (or vice versa). There are many companies that offer ping post capabilities but how many are built upon 14 years of lead generation experience? boberdoo.com processes over 3 million pings and 500,000 leads every day. Our clients can utilize ping post in any of their lead types and have confidence in the logic that will process their leads.

More Info On Dynamic Ping Post Pricing

Are you a lead generation company with excess supply?  Dynamic ping post pricing may help you find buyers for unsold leads and optimize your lead flow.   Are you an agent or company looking for more leads?  Dynamic ping post pricing software may help you dynamically bid for leads based on custom business rules.  You can read about more about dynamic ping post pricing software on this page as well.  It will provide you with more details about ping post software and how it is utilized in the lead industry.

The ping post process has not yet become the standard in many verticals, and is a complete unknown in others.  For these people, we have created a video to help explain the basics on ping post software.

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Ping post software offers benefits to many different types of companies that operate in the lead industry and if it is not currently the industry standard in your vertical, it soon may be.  boberdoo.com produces lead distribution systems that allow you to track, manage, route and bill leads based on custom business rules you create.  If you would like to learn more about the basics on ping post software, please click on the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646.

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