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How Experienced Lead Buyers/Sellers Use Pingtree Software

It's almost fall, and all around our office we can see trees starting to change colors. Red, yellow, orange - right outside our window, the trees are beautiful. But in the office, the only trees we have to think about are pingtrees! And as far as those go, we consider ourselves the experts. You don’t have to be an expert to use pingtree software, but it can’t hurt, right? Though the basics of pingtree systems can get you far, to get the most out of it, true experts use some of the following tips:

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Custom Pingtree Delivery Systems

While a simple “You got a matched lead!” plain text e-mail can suffice most of the time, those with more time in the industry make their pingtree notifications easier on their buyers. For example, many people using the boberdoo system have switched from e-mail to SMS messaging in order to let buyers know on their phone, wherever they are, that they have a lead waiting for them. For bookkeeping purposes, some buyers prefer PDF’s or spreadsheets. Some even prefer a mix of both, wanting SMS messages the moment the lead is ready, but with spreadsheets sent later to keep track of everything. This is all easily doable in any pingtree software worth its salt, and allows for faster responses and better organization.

Lead Quality Checks

The best in the lead business make sure that their leads know that their leads reflect the quality of their company as a whole. Because of this, they make sure that they’re not selling junk to others and they’re not buying junk leads themselves. Before their leads hit the pingtree and get distributed, they double check the lead quality using something like leadQC. This saves money by keeping bad leads at bay, and keeps buyers coming back for more high quality leads.

Duplicate checking

Because of the partial-info nature of pingtree systems, duplicates are common. Every life insurance company is interested in a healthy, non-smoking, recent college graduate, but there’s millions of them! Getting a duplicate lead is as bad as a fake lead; either way, your buyers have wasted their money on a lead they can’t use. Using a duplicate checker before the final sale makes sure that your leads aren’t going to waste and aren’t being refunded, which is good for everyone’s business.

Adjust pricing based on the buyer/seller

Finally, pingtree experts know that they can adjust their pricing and profit margins based on particular buyers and sellers. This means that, to reward business partners who consistently provide good leads, give referrals, or help in other ways, they can be given more leads at lower prices. At the same time, any buyers that often ask for refunds, waste their leads, or otherwise treat leads poorly can have their prices increased or the number of available leads decreased. Prices and availability can be adjusted on an individual level, which can be used creatively by pingtree experts.

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