Responsive Design and Lead Generation – Part 2

We are devoting two articles to responsive design and lead generation because, as smartphones and tablets continue to evolve, more and more consumers will utilize them for many functions previously reserved for the desktop or laptop.  As we explored in part one, the mobile trend is one which we expect to continue to rise, therefore it is important for lead generation companies to consider the mobile market and its effect on conversion rates.

This article focuses on solutions to address the mobile market.  There are templates available that are built in responsive design, with all the work done for you. highly recommends utilizing one of these templates in your web development because they are already built and tested so forms, charts, buttons, navigation and content will automatically re-organize for optimal viewer experience based on the specific browser being used.  While there are many templates available, we find that the responsive design templates at are both quality and affordable.

Of course, not everyone business is in a position to run out and build new landing pages right away, so what is a lead generation company supposed to do without a responsive design website? clients can utilize the mobile optimized forms in the Forms Manager tab of their system.

This section of the Forms Manager allows lead generation companies to create an alternative form for mobile viewers.  Here you have the ability to set a separate CSS URL, header, footer, image and text specifically for the mobile browsers.  When the landing page is referenced from a mobile browser, the system automatically displays the mobile optimized form rather than your original landing page, which typically takes longer to load due to images, often has content and images not correctly aligned and a form that may be difficult to complete on a smartphone or tablet.

By displaying mobile optimized forms when appropriate, lead generation companies can boost their conversion rates by as much as 22% overall, as we found in one client beta test.  Such an increase in conversion rates is sure to improve the return-on-ad spend for your marketing efforts.  To learn more about responsive design and lead generation or utilizing mobile optimized forms in the lead distribution system, please click on the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646. produces lead distribution systems that allow you to track, manage, route and bill leads based on custom business rules you create.

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