How to get quick response with pingpost leads?

If your lead business generates leads in verticals such as health insurance, auto finance, car insurance, home improvement payday, home insurance and life insurance, it can be beneficial for you to use the pingpost lead delivery method and rich dividends form of contact distribution. In this method, the sellers or individual brokers can use technology to maximize the revenue on every lead generated.


What is the basic idea behind pingpost leads?

If the contact information you acquired is relevant for third parties such as banks or insurance companies, than you can “ping” partial information about the lead to your buyers and allow them to respond. For example, a health insurance lead company may ping their buyers zip code, age, sex and smoker vs non-smoker. The buyer can use this information to decide whether or not to purchase the lead and respond with a price. If the buyer agrees for the ping price then the second step is the “post” where the lead company actually sells the lead and delivers all of the data corresponding to that lead. If the “ping” contains bogus information e.g. wrong number or email address, than the buyer can request a refund through a function in the pingpost system.

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