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Here Comes The Sun | Along With Solar Leads

The Rising Popularity Of Solar

Solar is rising in popularity (26% just last year alone) for two main reasons: the environment, and technological advances. It is no secret that being environmentally conscious is important for not just companies, but average citizens too. All across the world, there are movements to be more environmentally conscious, which include using solar and wind power as opposed to other means, such as coal or fossil fuels.


It is exciting to see the progress of technology in the solar industry; these advancements have the ability to absorb more sun while costing less. One of these advancements is clear solar panels that can be placed over windows. Another is bifacing (2 sided) solar panels, which can absorb 30% more than the average monofacing panel when placed on a reflective surface. Bifacing solar panels are projected to increase in the market by 10% in 2019 and up to 30% of all solar panels by 2025.

Split cell solar panels are also a big advancement in the industry. These monofacing panels have the ability to absorb 20% more energy from the sun than standard panels. Tesla also has their hand in the solar honey pot with its solar panel roofs. 

Why You Should Look Into Solar Leads

With solar power on the rise, what does this mean for lead generators? If you are not familiar with the solar or home improvement vertical, it means quite a bit! Based on the projected trends for the next few years, and with solar panel installer being one of the fastest growing jobs, it seems safe to say that solar leads are going to increase.

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boberdoo And The Solar Lead System

Like the home improvement vertical, solar leads are sold normally via ping post, which the boberdoo system is extremely well versed in, as well as being the standard for such. Check out our whitepaper on the Basics Of Ping Post for more information about this distribution method.

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