6 Ways To Effectivly Leverage Your Time At LeadsCon

So how can you get the most out of your first LeadsCon? We have been going since the very first one and we have some suggestions.


1. Maybe a little late for this one, but if possible, try to arrive a day early. Many LeadsCon attendees seem to come early and leave early. If you can come early and leave late, even better as some may stay late. There are so few opportunities each year to meet up with fellow lead industry professionals that it really is worth it to spend the extra days in order to get that one more meeting.

2. Find at least one compliance session and sit through the whole thing. Listen to what they are saying and think about how this affects your business. Put your cell phone away and pay attention.

3. Find at least one session that covers a vertical or lead generation technique that you are not in right now. If all of your eggs are in one basket, both in terms of the leads you deal in and how you generate them, you will suffer at some point. We have seen industries go up and down many times and it will happen again. So, if you are only generating insurance leads via Facebook, go look into selling phone calls and ask around about home services leads. Start thinking about future proofing now.

4. It is a great time to meet current clients. More than dealing with future business prospects, we enjoy getting to know our long-time customers even more. Work on building those relationships face to face.

5. Take the people acting like bigshots with a grain of salt and do not underestimate the humble. You would be surprised how many times we see people doing the “fake it ‘til you make it” theory of business. We suggest spreading your time around and talking to as many people as you can. Be honest. Be nice. It goes a long way.

6. Spend an hour or two in the exhibit hall. Without the exhibitors seeing traffic, it is hard for them to justify coming back and as this is about the only relevant show for the lead industry, do us all a favor and come say hello!

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