February 2014 Newsletter

February 2014 Newsletter


Welcome to the boberdoo.com monthly newsletter and happy belated Presidents’ Day. This month we talk ASW & LeadsCon, explore new functionality in the boberdoo.com system and even provide some unsolicited advice on billing & refunds.

LeadsCon is right around the corner and we want to see you there!

Don’t want to fork over $900? Click here and enter the ID code “boberdoo” to receive up to $300 off. Hurry up though, it ends with February. Want to set up a meeting to discuss your business’s needs and how boberdoo can provide custom solutions to meet them? Just let us know.

Are Your Lead Sellers “Honest Abes”? If Not, Use leadQC

Lead sellers come in all shapes and sizes, from the Abe Lincolns to the Richard Nixons, that is why we offer leadQC. Click here to read more on how to improve your lead quality.

Lead Companies Request a Demo
Do You Sell Calls? We Have New Pricing Options For You

boberdoo.com clients can now set lead pricing (and lead cost) based on time and day settings. Reduce those filter sets, buy off-hour calls PROFITABLY and make your clients happy. While perfect for call sellers, it is also useful for multiple ping post verticals. Click here to read more.

Advanced Pricing Options
Should Lead Generation Companies Attend Affiliate Summit West?

Get boberdoo.com’s take after our first time there. Click here to read more.

boberdoo.com’s New UI

Don’t forget that that our new UI is now available. Check it out below. We will soon be restricting custom work to the NEW UI ONLY so if you are a current client and would like to update your system, just let us know.

boberdoo.com New UI
To Refund Or Not To Refund – That Is The Question

boberdoo.com clients utilize a variety of refund processes and we discuss some best practices when dealing with client refunds. Click here to read more.

FIRST LOOK: boberdoo.com Form Builder

We are really excited to show a brief preview of the new boberdoo.com Form Builder, which gives you more advanced options to easily create and edit your various landing pages & marketing sites. If you would like to learn more and possibly beta test this new functionality, please let us know.

boberdoo.com Form Builder
So Many Billing Options, So Little Time

Your options for dealing with client billing in the boberdoo.com system are almost limitless. But we cover some of the most common ones here.

Check Out LeadPortal.com – A Directory Of Lead Generation Companies

Even though boberdoo.com does not buy or sell leads, we do get a lot of inquiries from lead buyers who stumble across our website. We are developing LeadPortal.com to be a comprehensive directory of lead generation companies to help facilitate buyer-seller relations in the lead generation industry. Visit LeadPortal.com to register your company today.

Dynamic Pricing In Ping Post Lead Types

As more verticals move toward the ping post model, dynamic ping post pricing is something that appeals to a lot of companies. And we have it covered – dynamic vs static pricing, shared and exclusive, match and partner hashes, we know it like the back of our hand. Click here to read more.

2013 Hot Topic – Generating Call Center Live Transfers

Some say it is not worth the hassle. But a few custom switches and it might be easier than you think. Read how here.

boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution systems since 2001. Our clients sell every kind of lead under the sun from home improvement to payday and everything in between. Some only sell internet leads. Some only sell phone calls. Others sell both. The goal of this newsletter is to try and keep our clients updated on the latest trends in the industry as well as features within their boberdoo.com system they may not know about. If you have an idea for a topic, please let us know.

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