Quick Guide To boberdoo 5.17 Update

It is that time again, boberdoo is getting some upgrades! There are many new and exciting things in the system, including new UI improvements, reports & webhooks, phone routing updates and much more. For a more granular look at the changes, please refer to our changelog.

Security & Support Updates

Two of our core tenets are security and support. That is why for this new update we are forcing a password reset for everyone, so be aware it is on the horizon! 2FA will also be mandatory in the near future for those of you who do not have it enabled yet. And systems without live chat will be getting it. Also there is a new support email if you have any questions! Please refer to helpdesk@boberdoo.com, especially about update questions. 


UI Improvements

The most obvious change is the new sidebar. In short, it is a feature that allows you to receive notifications about your system, and get support faster than ever. Check out this post to dive into the details. Speaking of support, our Ticket Wizard now has suggestions to answer your question before submitting a ticket! Open a new ticket to check it out. Finally, our Source Wizard has new updates too. On a side note, this is a post about what the Source Wizard does as well as different timesavers to optimize your boberdoo experience!

sidebar 2

New Reports & Webhooks

As is tradition, with new updates come new reports and webhooks. This time around, we have two new reports-Combined All Lead Types and Leads Returned By Source By Lead Date. On the webhook side, there are two new ones as well-Lead added to block list and Phone/email value added to the block list. In addition, an identifying field for Is_Reprocessed has been added to the coveted Admin Leads report.

Inbound Phone Routing

If boberdoo is a cake, then phone routing is the candles. It is not always required, but for some situations, it is key. And these new updates make it a whole lot sweeter. There are some new Twilio credential updates for both SMS and client-facing. An unmatched lead tool for IPR has been added, and we even have a new live transfer option! 

Extra Updates You Do Not Want to Miss

Not all updates have a group they belong to, but they are still just as relevant. This includes updates to the Billing & Payments and Lead Log tabs. There are also different API-related updates, filter and column view options and new services added to our Outside Services tab! Again, if you want to dive into any of these options, please refer to our changelog or reach out to helpdesk@boberdoo.com for all the answers to your questions. 

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