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Make Way! Here Comes Update 5.14!

It is that time again! boberdoo is having an update! To get prepared for the occasion, we are laying out all the new changes as well as some tips and tricks so that you do not miss a beat. There are a few main changes that come along with this update, so read ahead to learn more about them. To see all the recent changes, please visit our changelog.

API Keys

API Keys

This release includes a major change to how API Keys are created and managed. We made this change to better align with how our customers are using API Keys. The decoupling of API Keys to specific users is a critical change. More and more API Keys are tied to a specific external system or company rather than to a specific user.

To check and create API keys, you can access them through the Settings tab and then click on the API Keys. From here you can edit, copy and show the history of the specific API key. You can also active and de-activate your keys and see how long till they expire. We have a new API key wizard as well! To use it, simply click the Add New API Key button on the upper right to create a new key and follow the instructions. To learn even more, check out our API Key Support Page.

API Wizard


Webhooks, Reports And APIs, Oh My!


With this new update, we added to our libraries of webhooks, reports and APIs so that more in-depth actions can be done with them. The new reports that have been added are: Ping Post Buying Rate Based On Source and Ping Post Buying Rate Based On Filter, both of which do exactly what they say, they show you the buying rate for the time frame based on either the filter set or the source. CPA Reports are also new, and they are based on CRM Status by Partner and Source. Lead Reject Report was also added, which just goes over the leads that were rejected in the time frame.

The biggest change that happened as far as reports go, is the addition of passwords to access timed reports. Update 5.14 is very much centered around security and compliance, so with timed report emails containing PII, it just made sense to keep them protected by passwords. If you send emails to yourself, just remember the password you are using, although, if you are sending timed reports to a partner, just make sure that you send over the password, as well. In addition, Amazon S3 has also been added to timed reports, since client data can now be housed in Amazon instead of boberdoo.


The new APIs that were added are the setLeadToNewReview, leadDelete, and the submitLead API can now allow Lead_Cost to be submitted. In addition to new APIs, as stated above, an API key is needed for them to function.


Webhooks are really neat; they allow you to receive notifications such as emails or SMS messages when a certain trigger happens. The new webhook that was added is Lead Refunded, which sends out a notification when a lead has been refunded. In addition, webhooks can now filter on Sub-Agents/Partners, and you now have the ability to add custom deliveries to webhooks.

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If you are interested in all the other changes that have taken place, keep up to date by checking out our changelog. Submitting a ticket is another way to find out information if there is a feature you are interested in learning more about. We are more than happy to discuss our new features with our clients!

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