Top Blogs Of 2018

2018 has definitely been an interesting year at boberdoo, and here are the top viewed posts to prove it. Between new people being in the office, new system updates, new laws being passed and all other things, it has been both an interesting and eventful year at boberdoo.


1. Bid Experiments Case Study Part 1 - Part 2 - Everyone loves a case study, so here is our two-part case study on one of our newer features from this year, bid experiments. If you use ping post at all, you should really check this out. 

2. What's New With boberdoo? -Early this year, we updated our system to look better and also be easier to use. If you didn't already know at this point, here is what was new with the boberdoo system this year. 

3. How The GDPR Helped Our Marketing - When the GDPR passed in May, we were certain it was going to affect our marketing in a negative way. We could not have been more wrong. 

4. 6 Methods Of Lead Distribution - Like they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat, just like there is more than one way to distribute leads. Please don't skin any cats though; I do not think they would appreciate that. 

5. Ping Post Systems Are Getting Much Smarter - 2018 has been one small step for man, one big leap for ping post. Here are 5 different ways ping post has evolved in 2018 and how it can benefit the way you distribute leads. 

6. How The GDPR Affects Your Lead Business - If you have not had enough, here is another GDPR post! It was a big thing that happened in 2018, and if you still do not know what it all entails, here would be a good place to start. 

7. The State Of The Leads Industry 2018 - What we learned from going to LeadsCon this past March. Also be on the lookout for LeadsCon 2019 - we will be there!

8. The Vermont Data Broker Law And Lead Companies - The Vermont Data Broker Law was passed in May and affects everyone who deals with leads from Vermont. With the way the security world is changing, everyone should pay attention because Vermont is the first, but it will not be the last state to have laws like this. 

9. Everything You Need To Know About Call Routing Software - The title really speaks for itself. 

10. FormTitan Is Now Integrated With boberdoo - boberdoo has partnered with FormTitan; learn more about how it works and why it might interest you to use it. 

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