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Recent Changes & Additions In boberdoo's Lead System

Over the past two months, your boberdoo system has undergone several large version updates that added new features and updated existing functionality. The most recent lead system update has consolidated all of these changes and made many new features available in your system. Although all changes are addressed in the boberdoo changelog, this post was built to highlight some of the biggest feature-based changes that you should be aware of.

Billing & Payments In The Lead System

A new Billing & Payments tab is now available in every boberdoo system. This tab is used to manage your monthly lease payments to boberdoo. From here you can trigger an invoice payment, manage and adjust your payment methods and download your monthly invoices.

boberdoo lead system

Bid Experiments

Ping Post Bid Experiments is a brand new feature in the lead system that allows you to A/B test your ping post bidding strategy to maximize your revenue or lead volume. This is a powerful tool that we highly encourage all ping post users to explore. Learn more about Bid Experiments here.

Lead Security & Data Retention

Over the past few months we’ve focused heavily on building new security features into your boberdoo system. This suite of features can be used by any boberdoo client to construct an entire data security and retention policy that meets your needs. Explore the full security suite here.

Lead Search/Delete

Along with the security features mentioned above, we have rebuilt the Global Lead Search feature into a new Lead Search/Delete tab. From this tab, you can search for leads based on email or phone number. After searching for a lead, you can edit lead details or clean the lead data of any personally identifiable fields.

lead search-delete

When email or phone fields are cleaned (via the Lead Search/Delete tool or automatically in the system), these email and phone fields are hashed and retained in the database. This allows the system to continue using these values for duplicate checks, but it also allows you to search for the lead even after the email or phone values are cleaned.

Earnings Per Lead (EPL) - Distribution Logic

Earnings Per Lead (EPL) is a new lead distribution logic available to all boberdoo clients. Distributing your leads based on EPL allows you to route your leads by best price based on a calculation of the actual earnings you’ve received from each individual buyer rather than the static price that each individual buyer is willing to pay. This is most common when routing phone calls in which a buyer can accept a lead at a static price, but then reject that lead and end up paying $0. See a full description here.

lead distribution by earnings per lead boberdoo

Weighted - Distribution Logic

Weighted logic is another new distribution option available to all boberdoo clients in the lead system. The idea for this distribution logic is that if you have buyers with widely different commitments it can be challenging to get them all consistent lead flow based on priority or price. With priority, you often find yourself setting blocks of leads at different priorities in an attempts to manipulate distribution. With price, it is what it is, the highest price gets the lead. Weighted logic addresses this problem by delivering the lead to whichever buyer has the lowest distribution percentage at that point in time, which smooths out your distribution while still following the same rules regarding matching filter sets. Learn more about weighted distribution here.

lead distribution with weighted logic varying buyer commitment

Braintree Payment Gateway

Braintree, one of the most widely used online payment platforms, can now be enabled in your boberdoo system to accept payments from your partners.

If your boberdoo system has been updated to version 5.10 or higher, each of these options are available in your system. However, some of these features must first be enabled by our support team to be utilized. If you do not see any of these options in your system, if you'd like assistance getting started with them or if you have any other questions about this system update or its features, please open a support ticket.

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