Look Out World, Our New Sidebar Is Here!

As a boberdoo client, you may have noticed a big difference logging into your system. With the 5.17 update, we added our new boberdoo sidebar to all systems! Now, you can get more information faster and know what is happening in your system no matter what page you are on!


Activity Feed

From the Activity Feed, you will be able to filter what system updates you want to see. You can choose from Filterset Changes, Partner Payments, Account Changes, Similarity Errors, Email Errors, Lead Rejects and more in the future!

sidebar 2

boberdoo Updates

From the boberdoo Updates, you will know what is going on with boberdoo right from your system! This includes different tips, webinar schedules, alerts and more.


The Support section of the sidebar is handcrafted to assist you with the tab you are currently on. There are support articles linked to each page to help carry out tasks done on that specific page. For example, if you use the sidebar on the Partners tab, you will have immediate access to the partners onboarding PDF, a partners overview video, and how-to pages for invoicing, lead buyers and lead exclusivity. If the support articles were not helpful for your task, you can create a ticket right from the sidebar to handle your problem as quickly as possible.

The sidebar is only one of the changes for update 5.17. For more, check out our changelog to keep up with what is new in boberdoo.


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