As a complete back office solution for all your lead business needs, the boberdoo lead distribution system is fully equipped with all the reporting capabilities that you could ask for. The out-of-the-box boberdoo system comes with about 72 standard reports covering everything from your lead flow and profits to buyer activity and payments.

The boberdoo system’s reporting features are broken up by lead type. Simply select your lead type and choose a reporting period and boberdoo will automatically generate a numeric and graphical representation of your data.


Timed Reports

Our software also has the ability to email or FTP any report on a timed basis. From the Reports tab, select Timed Reports and click add new. From here you can select your report, reporting period and the interval at which you’d like to receive the report. This allows you to build a reporting schedule and removes the need to log into the system and individually generate each report. Additionally, the timed reports section comes equipped with magic string options. This allows you to send reports to specific parties (agents, brokers, call centers) and only include the information relevant to them.

Custom Reports

Is there a report you want to run that is not included in the Reports tab? Not a problem. We are always happy to build any custom report that you require. Simply open a support ticket and specify the exact variables that you would like reported and we will build your custom report and place it in your system.

If you have any additional questions about reporting in the boberdoo system, feel free to open a live chat. For a complete listing of all of the available boberdoo reports, check out our Reports Guide.


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