The Basics of Selling Calls

Are you an expert when it comes to generating and selling web leads, but new to the idea of selling calls? You’re not alone. We’ve worked with dozens of lead companies that avoided adding call routing to their lead business because they thought it would be too complicated or not worth the time and effort. That is, until they decided to take the plunge, add call routing and watch both their lead totals and total revenue skyrocket. The truth is, adding call routing to your lead repertoire is one of the easiest ways to instantly add value to your lead business and money in your pocket. But before we jump in the deep end, let’s pop on our water wings and start with the basics.

selling calls

Web Leads vs Phone Leads

Aside from the obvious difference between web and phone leads, they are actually very similar when it comes to tracking, segmenting and selling. In the boberdoo lead distribution system, phone leads are treated identically to web leads. The call enters the system, runs against a number of filters to determine the appropriate buyer and sale price, then is routed in real-time to the buyer. Generally speaking, the only filterable option when it comes to phone leads is geographic location based on area code. However when equipped with an IVR that gathers additional information, phone leads can be filtered, segmented and sold with greater flexibility. And let’s not forget the best part about phone leads: they sell for much more than their web lead counterparts.

Setting Up a Phone Campaign

Before you start selling calls, you have to set up a phone campaign. This can easily be done in just minutes with a sophisticated lead and call distribution system like boberdoo. When setting up a campaign, you have the ability to order a phone number which is used both as the number that you advertise to your target market as well as the number that routes your live calls directly to your buyers. You also have the option to add a specific welcome message to your campaign or specify a default number to send all calls that don’t match and sell to one of your buyers. While there are certainly more options when it comes to building a phone campaign, you can also keep it as simple as you’d like.

Selling Calls to Your Buyers

Finally, let’s do some selling. As mentioned before, this is done the same way as web leads, with a few additional options. This means, that if you have an advanced lead distribution system like boberdoo, all call selling capabilities are already built into your system. You can just sit back and allow your calls to automatically enter your system, match to a buyer then charge for the call using the billing method you prefer.

When it comes to calls you also have additional options such as live transfers, but we’ll save that for another day. If there’s one thing we hope you take away from this post it is that selling calls isn’t as complicated as you might have thought. In fact, if you know how to generate and sell web leads, you should have absolutely no difficulty selling calls. If you’d like to learn specifically how to sell calls using boberdoo, please reach out to us at 800-776-5646 or click the button below.

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