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Can Call Center Software Really Maximize Your Profits?

Some people think that running a successful call center is all about the amount of calls, the quality of your reps and the quality of the product/service your reps are selling. Yes, these are absolutely important. However, what is often overlooked is the software used to facilitate each and every transaction. Newsflash: not all call center software is created equal.

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The Software Your Call Center Needs

There is a lot of call center technology on the market. Many of these systems perform the basic call center functions just fine. But you don’t want your call center to be ‘just fine’ do you? You want to run the most successful call center possible. In order to do so, you should ask yourself the following questions.

What happens if your buyer doesn’t answer their phone?

Traditional call tracking systems will ring out and if the buyer doesn’t answer, that lead is left hanging. You need a call center system that allows the call to ring out to multiple lead buyers, ensuring that if the first lead buyer doesn’t pick up the phone, the call will start routing to the next available buyer.

How do you handle live transfers?

You should have the ability to live transfer a call from your sales rep to a lead buyer while simultaneously sending the data portion of the lead to the buyer. This is the standard live transfer process, but with the right system, you can utilize APIs to either fit your current live transfer process or to achieve your desired distribution logic.

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Can You Utilize Voice-to-Web leads?

Your call center software should have the ability to sell web leads with the same distribution logic as your phone leads. The way this typically works for call centers is your reps dial out to potential leads and get the leads to convert over the phone. When they do, your sales rep enters the lead information into a web form where it is then automatically routed and sold to your network of buyers. This can be done via traditional real-time distribution or via ping post.

Do you want your sales reps making call distribution decisions?

To answer the question for you, no, you probably don’t. Your call center system should allow you to build custom business rules for each lead buyer, outlining exactly what they are willing to purchase and for how much. That way, each call is automatically routed to the right buyer without your sales reps needing to make the decision.

Do you have opportunities to expand?

While no call center software is going to find you more call buyers, the right software company can.

To answer the question in the title, yes call center software can absolutely help you maximize your profits. With the right solution, you can not only fulfill your current needs, but also utilize additional features to monetize your calls in brand new ways.

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