Do I Still Need Phone Call Routing In 2018?

Elon Musk is blasting commercial rockets into space and we’ve all got Siri, Alexa or some other artificial intelligence in our pockets and our homes. Oh, and have you seen the robots Boston Dynamics is making? We’re living in a world that feels like science fiction.

So Why Are We At boberdoo Still So Excited About Phone Call Routing?

The answer is simple: because it is still one of the best, most widely used contact methods. If you run a lead generation business, or virtually any business for that matter, you should still be paying attention to calls and using phone call routing software to track and deliver each call accordingly. Here’s why.

phone call routing

1. People Are Still Making Calls

It may sound counter-intuitive, but even in the digital age, people are still making calls at a high rate. Not only that, but in a study by Sales Hacker, they found that average call times increased by 113% from 2016 to 2017. It is important to remember that your customers and potential leads are people, not analytics on a screen. Providing a phone number to call gives your customers an additional choice that many are more than willing to take advantage of.

2. Emergencies

Picture this - you wake up in the middle of the night with a burst pipe and flooded basement. “Hey Siri, fix my plumbing!” probably isn’t going to work. Providing an emergency number for people to call is an extremely helpful service and in high demand for lead verticals such as home improvement.

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3. Motivated Customers And 100% Contact Rate

When a lead or customer places an inbound call, they are making the effort to get in contact with you or one of your clients. They are demonstrating a degree of motivation far beyond filling out a web form or answering an outbound call. And who doesn't want a motivated customer on the phone and ready to buy?

Furthermore, once you or your sales reps answers the call, the two parties are immediately connected. By definition, the contact rate on inbound phone calls is 100%, assuming you answer the phone. This is a far cry from the sometimes sporadic contact rates of web leads. For these reasons, phone leads are considerably more valuable than web leads and continue to carry a premium in the lead industry.

4. New technology

It is easy to think about fielding inbound calls and generating live transfers as the “old way”, but the truth is, phone call routing technology is advancing at a blistering speed. With the ease of click to call advertising, IVRs to gather more information and even ping post for calls, there are more opportunities with phone call routing than ever before.

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