Everything You Need To Know About Call Routing

What Is Call Routing Software?

From a high overview, call routing software captures and tracks call data, while also automatically gathering all eligible call recipients. The correct recipient that a call will route to is based on custom queues or filters that the software has. Call routing is similar, but different from call tracking, because call routing determines the recipients while tracking doesn't.

What is call routing software? boberdoo

Inbound Call Matching

When using inbound calls for call matching, the call is transferred and routed to the buyer. This is done using the lead's phone information to match accurately with a buyer. The lead’s area code (or other information collected through an IVR) are also used to determine exactly which buyer the call will be routed to.

Live Transfer Data Matching (Full Response)

When using live transfers with data matching (full response method), the live call will be transferred and sold to a buyer. First, the lead's information is collected and submitted by a call center rep. Then, all of the lead's details are processed to find a single matching lead buyer. The system then returns the matching buyer’s information back to the call center, so the lead can be matched with the correct buyer.

Live Transfer Data Matching (Ping Post)

When using live transfers with data matching (ping post method), the live call is transferred and sold to the buyer based on the data collected by the call center rep during the initial call. The call center rep collects information for all needed fields to determine the best buyer before a call is placed. This is done by pinging partial lead details to your network of buyers, in order to collect and sort the best available buyers.

Why Use Call Routing Software?

Believe it or not, people still like talking on the phone. Especially when it comes to dealing with a situation quickly. Emergencies are an important reason people will pick up the phone, which is a great tactic in verticals such as home improvement. Newer technologies, such as IVRs, also create a better call routing experience for both the buyer and seller.

How To Successfully Route Calls

To get leads to call, first they need a number. There are many different methods, from basic to creative, of getting a number in front of the target market. For tracking purposes, creating multiples of the same page, but with different numbers, can be posted in different places. Using the different numbers will immediately let you know where people are finding your number. Multiple vehicles can be used such as Facebook, google ads, or even billboards to generate calls.

Landing pages: The most simple and necessary option for getting phone numbers out there, is on a website. Everyone uses Google, so anyone can find your website if they search the right keywords. Putting different numbers on different landing pages will also give back data on which pages users are going to.  Chatbots are also on the rise, so having one pop up with a number could generate calls as well.  Smartphone users won't even bother with sites that aren't mobile optimized, so reworking the website for mobile optimization is critical.

Social Medias: Different social media platforms will work better for different verticals, so target market research is a must. Numbers can even be set up to test out the success of a campaign as well, such as putting a different number for Facebook and Twitter. Using sponsored ads on platforms can target specific demographics or interests. Targeting specific markets can get super specific on Facebook, so much so that you can even target based on mobile activity, if they're a homeowner, by purchase history and many more.

Mail: Outbound automation is another way of reaching consumers. Say you have their email or address, but need them to call you. Sending out email or direct mail puts the number right in front of them, if they open it. Here are some tips about email marketing directed for home improvement, but could be used for all verticals on email marketing.

Google Ads: Marketing teams should already know all about Google Ads, PPC, SEO, and all that jazz. For those who don’t know, Google Ads (formerly Adwords) has a click to call option. When someone is searching on mobile, which many are, all that needs to be done is to click the number to be sent into a call directly. It’s an effective way to get numbers in front of people that are looking directly for what you sell. The tricky part is getting good at SEO. Google also owns YouTube, so a good video ad could go a long way.

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Call Routing With boberdoo

The boberdoo system has excellent call routing software that includes: smart call routing, live transfers, custom IVRs,  advanced campaign options and international routing. Our software has a simple, straightforward method of tracking, routing, and billing for calls. boberdoo is a user optimized and flexible system built to meet the needs of any business in any vertical.


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