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Phone Routing By The Numbers (No Pun Intended)

Sometimes when a lead is looking for service they want to talk to someone immediately. If your business only handles data leads you could be excluding up to one-third of your potential leads. Phone leads provide many benefits and offering a phone routing service is an effective way to actively expand your business. However, instead of listing all of the reasons that make phone routing and offering phone leads so useful, we'll let the numbers do the talking.

phone routing by the numbers

Phone Routing By The Numbers

5 - The number of hours per day that the average U.S. consumer spends on mobile devices.

65% - The percentage of people that prefer to contact a business by phone.

24% - The percentage of people that prefer to fill out an online form.

15 - The number of times more likely a phone lead is to convert versus a standard web lead. When a lead calls in and speaks with a representative they are 10-15x more likely to convert on the sale. Leads with a higher conversion rate naturally are more valuable to the buyer and can be sold for more than a standard web lead.

100% - The contact rate of a phone lead. When generating phone calls the lead buyer has a virtually 100% rate of contact because the lead was the one who placed the call.

0 - The number of new lead verticals you need to add in your lead distribution system in order to start selling calls. Your business can begin generating calls in verticals that you are already working in by advertising a phone number on your already existing landing pages.

52% - The percentage of mobile searches that result in a phone call.

40,000,000 - The number of phone leads that Google Ads generate each month. If your business is already using Google Ads to generate web leads then you can easily expand into call generation as well.

61% - The percentage of companies that consider phone leads to be "excellent." This is substantially higher than the 61% of companies that consider web leads to be "excellent."

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