Add Call Generation To Your Marketing Mix

Don’t overhaul your entire marketing strategy.

Don’t worry about using a new advertising platform.

Don’t even touch your ad spend.

We're proposing a much simpler way to add call generation to your existing marketing strategy. This is our favorite strategy for adding call generation for one single reason: it's as easy as it gets. All it takes is a single number. Here’s how it works.

The following steps assume you are already using a sophisticated lead and call distribution system. If you’re not familiar with lead and call routing software, start here.

Step 1: Order A Phone Number

From your lead and call distribution system, order a phone number that will be used to route your inbound calls. If your existing marketing strategy targets customers in various locations, an 800 number is usually your best option. However, if you focus on local marketing, it is typically a good idea to purchase a number with a local area code.

call generation

Step 2: Set Up A Call Routing Campaign

Next, configure your lead and call distribution system to handle inbound calls. This can be set up to route every inbound call to the same recipient or customized to route according to business rules you create. Generally speaking, the most common call routing technique is to distribute your calls on a round-robin basis to each of your buyers interested in receiving calls. This means that your calls will evenly cycle through each of your available call recipients.

Step 3: Place Your Number On Your Existing Form Or Landing Page

Now that you have a number and have established your call routing infrastructure, your last step is to advertise your number. With this simple setup, all you have to do is add your newly ordered number to your existing marketing properties. This can be as simple as adding your number to your landing page or form. That’s it.

call generation

Now, instead of limiting your customers to convert only by filling out a form, you have provided an additional conversion option without having to alter your marketing mix at all. It's as simple as that.

But Why Should You Add Call Generation To Your Existing Marketing Efforts?

This process outlined above is simple, but you might still be wondering why adding call generation is so useful. Generally speaking, the more options you give to provide your service to your customers, the better. However, in the lead generation industry, calls are king. If given the choice between the same customer submitting a web lead or placing a call, virtually every experienced lead generator would prefer the call. A call placed by your customer shows an added level of interest and virtually guarantees contact between your customer and you or your client. The same cannot be said of web leads and, because of this, inbound calls carry a premium.

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