The Top Four Ways of Generating Home Improvement Leads

One of the biggest struggles in the home improvement space is simply getting customers. Although every home owner at some point needs help from a contractor, there are so many sources of home improvement help that the leads are spread thin. This is why so many companies are casting wide nets across multiple channels to try and collect leads from anywhere they can. Check out what channels all of the biggest names in generating home improvement leads are using:

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Even though we’re not generating home improvement leads ourselves, blog posts are great examples of ways to find new leads. By providing real, useful information about your vertical, you not only drive traffic to your site, but you also prove that you know what you’re talking about. People want experts to take care of their problems, so proving your worth in the blogosphere is something that will definitely help you drive that lead generation.

Social Media

Everyone and their mother are on social media these days, and luckily, everyone and their mother eventually needs home improvement help. While social media is a spectator sport for most people, companies are making it easier than ever to advertise. Facebook recently introduced Lead Ads, and Twitter already has lead generation cards to fill those niches. Social media is the definition of “casting a wide net,” but luckily, it takes only a few dollars to reach audiences of thousands.


I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when something breaks in my house is google it. Can I fix it? Is there someone around that can? Having a solid Google AdWords game is one thing, but being first in organic results is the real winner. It saves you money, and at the same time shows customers that you produce content and provide help that Google thinks they can trust. Getting in front of customers right when the problem starts with great SEO results is the key to generating home improvement leads that are high quality.

Email Marketing

If you’re not going to them right when the problem happens, they should have the knowhow to go to you. By utilizing email marketing, you can be the first thought when a problem needs to be solved. Promote deals, take advantage of the “What if something happens?” process, and get in front of a crowd of people who have shown a need for home improvement services in the past.

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So there you have it, 4 foolproof ways to get in touch with your prospects and start generating home improvement leads. Once you have them coming in, you have to make sure you’re distributing them properly, too. For that, industry leaders are using boberdoo. Our flexible, fast, and efficient lead routing system can work wonders for your business to make sure your leads are selling at every chance they get. Click the banner above to read our Starting a Home Improvement Lead Generation Company whitepaper, and find out why boberdoo is the leading choice for dozens of home improvement companies.

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