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Discover What's New In boberdoo's 5.20 Update!

We are delighted to review our 5.20 software update, designed to enhance your system with new features and better UI. This update also includes Dynamic Consent, so all your FCC one-to-one consent requirements can be met today! For a more specific list of our changes, please see our changelog

Dynamic Consent & Form Builder Tab

A standout feature of the 5.20 update is the implementation of Dynamic Consent. This solution meets the FCC's one-to-one consent requirement. This feature offers four flexible methods to manage consent, providing you with the tools to remain compliant and efficient. It is great to start using ASAP because you need one-to-one consent to call or text leads, even if you generate them before the deadline. Once January 27th hits, you need that consent. 

Dynamic Consent In Action

Our Form Builder has undergone significant improvements to enhance usability and functionality. Enjoy improved default CSS for more appealing forms, automatic mobile optimization, and embedding options for seamless integration. Dynamic Consent has also been added to the Form Builder, so feel free to check it out in your system! This also allows you to have TCPA text that differs from what the lead will see in exclusive, non-exclusive, and non-matching cases. 


Outside Services

Introducing boberdoo's Bid Modifier 2.0! This new outside service allows you to set rules to modify margin or price based on any lead factor across multiple sources. New Trusted Form v4 products have been added, including Retain, Match Lead, Insights, and Verify, enhancing your lead management capabilities. Finally, a new update for leadQC for IP_Adress lookup features such as anonymous IP - proxy/VPN/tor, crawler/bot and known threat/suspicious IPs.

Reports & Webhooks

Experience enhanced reporting capabilities with the new Email Link option, which enables you to run reports in the background and receive them via email. Enjoy improved Magic String functionality in webhooks, notifications and new reports such as Partner Change History and Ping Post Detailed Report with Unmatched Reasons. On the webhook side, we have a new one, Send Lead Refund Approval To Source, which will trigger when a refund has been approved based on a specific source. 

5.20 New Reports


Use our new API for handling 1:1/dynamic consent, pingPostConsent, to satisfy the FCC's one-to-one consent. Other API enhancements include the Lead Insert/Process Error Codes Guide, a new API for setting CRM statuses, and improved API validation for insertUpdateFilterSet.

Miscellaneous Updates

And finally we have a couple miscellaneous updates designed to improve your overall experience, including a new sub-tab for Partner Responses Logs. The Manual Entry form has been relocated to the Settings tab for enhanced navigation and organization of the form tabs. We added OKTA SSO capabilities for partners or admin and now have the boberdoo Trust Center live on our website. Please check it out to see how we practice what we preach regarding data security. To see all these features in action, check out our Update 5.20 webinar here!

Partner Response Logs-1


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