How To Make An Email Blast Work

Email blasts just don’t convert like they used to. And with the right marketing software, we would certainly encourage you to automate your email campaigns. But for those of you dead-set on sending out a traditional email blast, there are specific steps you can take to make your email blast as successful as possible.

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Throttle Email Sending

When sending an email blast, one of the biggest variables is your deliverability rate. The advantage of an email blast is sending in high volume so you want to make sure your deliverability rate is as high as possible. You can do this by throttling sending between multiple 3rd party ESPs. You can even throttle your sending based on which ESPs tend to have higher open or click rates.

Follow Up Automatically

After you send your email blast, what happens next? If your recipient converted on your offer, that’s great! But what about those who showed interest but didn’t convert? One of the best post-email blast strategies is to follow up to those who have clicked on a link in the email. With the right software, you can automatically aggregate each recipient that clicked your email in order to build a premium sending list or even automatically launch an additional campaign to only those who clicked.

Build a Compliant Email

All marketing emails are required to contain the following information in the footer: company name, address, city state, zip/postal code, country, email, phone. You must also provide an unsubscribe option. By neglecting any of this information, you are not only running the risk of legal trouble, but you are also directly damaging your inboxing rates and sending reputation.

Avoid Spam Triggers In Subject Line

A bad subject line can ruin an email blast. Most spam filters pay close attention to your subject line and have an extensive list of keywords that they flag as spam. There are several free subject line evaluation tools that can give you a good read on whether your subject line will be flagged as spam. Here’s our favorite.

Personalize Your Message

Personalizing each email is a simple touch that can significantly improve your email blast. Most emailing systems allow you to use a magic string to populate your recipient's first name into the subject line or email body. In a bulk send, even this small tweak can make a large impact.

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