The Importance of Lead Verification Software

I feel like I’ve been lied to a lot lately. The weather channel keeps telling me that it’s going to be summer soon… but we’re on the third day in a row of overcast, 40 degree weather. What?! It doesn’t feel good to be misled like this. That’s why we take lead verification so seriously; it sucks to not get what you were promised. If you’re relying on good leads to keep your business afloat and can’t tell the bogus leads apart from the real ones, you may be in trouble.

With dozens, hundreds, or thousands of leads flowing into your business every day, quality control is key. You don’t want to be known as the company that just sells bulk garbage. Your reputation, your profits, and your business rely on the quality of your leads. There’s a lot at stake, but let’s look at the main benefits of using lead verification software. Read on to find out how lead verification software helps your business:

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Generate Better Leads With Verification Software

Lead verification software, put simply, gives you better leads. By checking for Mickey Mouse, 123 Fake Street, 555 numbers, and more, and cross referencing all of this with multiple databases, you can know if a lead is good for sale or not. These will make you more money and sell more consistently.

Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

It's a hassle, and a bad business practice, to be refunding leads constantly. If your transactions with lead buyers tend to end with you giving money back, your business will definitely flounder. In order to keep your transactions legitimate, use software to verify your leads to make sure your leads stay sold.

Improve Response Rates

One of the best signals of lead quality is how reliably one can get in contact with the lead. If your business can only get a hold of a small percentage of the leads you sell them, you’re not going to be doing business with them much longer. Imagine getting a 100% reliable set of leads, though… Buyers are willing to pay a premium for leads they know have a chance to convert. Make more money and make your buyers happier by improving response rates with lead verification software.

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Does your lead system have lead verification software built in? Our does. boberdoo has been using our own leadQC software for years to make sure that our clients' leads are top quality, authentic, and most of all, profitable. Find out how you can use it for yourself by clicking the banner above or calling 800-776-5646.


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