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3 Things to Know When You Buy B2B Leads Lists

Leads come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you can generate them yourself. Sometimes you can buy them individually through a ping post system or a cherry picker. Sometimes, though, they come in lists. When you buy b2b leads in a list, you want to make sure you’re doing your homework. What should you know before you buy a lead list? Well, dear reader, you should know:

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How to Be Comfortable with Cold Calls

It’s pretty much a guarantee that a lead list isn’t 100% made up of people looking directly for you. You’re going to be diving into a world of cold calls, and it takes someone comfortable in sales to truly make use of this. Following-up and closing the deal are hard enough with hot leads. Cold ones take training and experience. One tip is to reach out initially with a soft touch, with an offer or a promotion, just to warm things up and reaffirm their interest.

How to Know the Quality of Your Leads

Lead lists are notorious for their dubious quality. How can you be sure that, if you buy b2b leads lists, they’re any good? There are two main ways to check the quality of these lists: The first is by checking for testimonials. Website testimonials can go a long way to ease your mind, and you can even reach out to other buyers who are featured in them for questioning. The second way is by asking for a sample. Often, people selling large lists will offer samples of anywhere between 5 and 50 leads, to prove that the leads aren’t fraudulent or too old. This way, you can have peace of mind for your lead list.

How to Prioritize Lead Lists

Sometimes you’ll be buying just a handful of leads at a time. Sometimes you could be buying hundreds or even thousands! Buying up a lead list is a commitment - the earlier you can get through the list, the fresher they are, and the more likely to convert those leads will be. This means potentially putting off your own leads, so be sure you’re ready to shift your attention as soon as you get access.

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