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What The Ads Don’t Tell You About Lead Routing Software

Do me a favor and run a quick Google search of “Lead Routing Software”. Welcome back. The search engine results page likely displayed about a dozen ads promising the #1 software or feature X or feature Y. If you clicked through to a landing page you saw more of the same. Hey, you might have even found us doing the exact same thing. The truth is, it is easy to focus on the bells and whistles when it comes to lead routing software. You know the old marketing adage, “Sell the sizzle not the steak.” Well with this post, we wanted to do something a little different and hand you a 16 oz bone-in filet cooked medium-rare minus the sizzle. (Not literally. Sorry.) Read on to discover the 3 things that the ads don’t tell you about lead routing software.

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Lead Routing Software: What To Look For

1. Volume Ceilings Exist

Many people adopt new lead routing software with the assumption that everything will run smoothly regardless of how much volume they are running through the system. Unfortunately, with many lead routing systems, this simply is not true. We have had several clients migrate to our system because our competitors' software could not handle high volume. Even if you are moving relatively low volume now, if you ever hope to grow your business in the future, this should be a top priority.

boberdoo's Solution

With boberdoo, there is no lead ceiling or any repercussions for dramatically increasing your lead volume. Call us crazy, but we don’t think you should be punished for generating more leads. Our system also handles well over 7 million inbound pings and leads each day. Nope, volume isn't an issue here.

2. Beware of Slowed Processing Times

Similarly to number 1, slowed processing times are an overlooked side effect of subpar lead routing software. Whether it’s triggered by elevated lead volume or server issues, slowed processing can cause serious damage to your lead business. If you use ping post, you know how valuable each second is when it comes to pings, responses, and timeouts.

boberdoo's Solution

boberdoo’s lead routing software has been constantly tweaked and improved since 2001. We have built the most sophisticated solution on the market and have eliminated any processing issues. We understand that lead companies simply can't afford to miss out on transactions because of their software.

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3. Downtime

Downtime may be something you’ve considered when evaluating lead routing software. However, how close have you paid attention to the promises of these providers? Even any system that guarantees 99% uptime has serious flaws. Think about it. That’s 1 out of every 100 minutes, which equals over 3 ½ days per year. If you ask us, that’s quite a bit.

boberdoo's Solution

While we never guarantee 100% uptime, we are confident that we have the most reliable solution on the market. Even our system updates happen in an instant, which allows you to continue to buy and sell leads without even the slightest hiccup.

When evaluating lead routing software, it's important to factor in these 3 points. We have witnessed dozens of companies eventually migrate to our software because they were having these issues with their previous provider. Don't waste your time and money committing to a system with these issues. boberdoo has been helping business just like yours optimize their back-end practices and increase their revenue for over 14 years. Make the right decision. Choose boberdoo.com.

If you would like to explore boberdoo in greater detail, please feel free to call 800-776-5646 or click the banner above. We look forward to hearing from you!

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