How Reliable Is Your Lead Distribution Software?

The reliability of your lead distribution software is like so many things in life. You don’t even think about it until it’s a problem. However, for lead businesses that rely on hundreds (or even thousands) of real-time micro-transactions every day, even the slightest hiccup in their lead system’s server connection or processing time can mean hundreds of dollars poured down the drain.

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Why Is Lead Software Reliability So Important?

Take this scenario as an example. Let’s say you’re generating mortgage leads on your website Your marketing campaign is pulling people in from all over the web who are requesting mortgage quotes through your form. You have several banks that are buying leads from you in real-time 24 hours a day. Suddenly, your lead system begins experiencing slowdowns which is reducing the number of leads you can accept per minute from 50 to 10. Instead of accepting the swarms of leads that are filling out your form, you are receiving and selling just a fraction of them. You are directly losing the revenue on a huge percentage of your leads that have already converted and that you have already spent marketing dollars on. These leads will also never receive the mortgage quotes that they requested, which compromises the integrity of your marketing campaign. But it gets worse. Your mortgage lead buyers suddenly have a drought in their lead pool and need to look to additional or alternative sources for their lead needs.

This scenario is just as bad if you’re utilizing ping post technology. When you’re buying ping post leads, the seller’s system requires an immediate response from you as soon as you receive the ping. If your lead system is slowed down by even a fraction of a second, your competitors’ responses and bids will reach the buyer first and almost certainly enable them to win the bid. Without the most reliable lead distribution system, buying or selling leads on a ping post basis is risky at best.

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 What Should I Do?

The true value in lead distribution software is that it handles all of your back-office and distribution tasks automatically without needing human intervention. This frees you up to do the tasks that no software can do for you: run your business and find new business opportunities. If your lead distribution software is presenting problems and pulling you away from your day to day business operations, your lead business will always struggle to grow.

However, there is a solution. has been producing lead distribution systems exclusively since 2001. We process 8-10 million pings and 1-1.2 million leads that are sold to over 130,000 different lead buyers each day. You could say we know a thing or two about the importance of lead software reliability. Our clients find comfort knowing that after 14 years, our software has evolved into the most sophisticated solution available that will protect your current business opportunities and present you with the tools to take advantage of many more. If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at 800-776-5646 or click the red Contact Us tab.

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