2 Options for Lead Gen Companies on Cyber Monday

By: Scott Hettman

While the retail giants reign supreme on Black Friday, Cyber Monday brings the consumers right into lead generator’s online marketing wheelhouse. And all the hubbub about Cyber Monday isn’t just fluff. Last year’s Cyber Monday marked the biggest day in US online shopping history. But that doesn’t mean Cyber Monday is a mindless victory for all advertisers who participate. The last few years showed an increase in paid search with total spend rising nearly 70% year over year.But what does that mean for lead generation companies? Can a lead gen company really compete with the traditional retail products that get most of the attention?

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The potential success any lead generation company can have on Cyber Monday largely depends on the verticals in which they operate. Sure, while Granny is hitting up some killer deals on a new 55” TV, she probably won’t be thinking about pulling the trigger on a new Medicare Supplement plan. However a strategically placed payday loan ad could certainly generate significant traffic. Also, as mentioned before, if you choose to participate in cyber monday and are paying for advertising, expect to fork over some additional cash. Because of these opportunities and obstacles, we see two reasonable tactics for handling Cyber Monday.

1. Avoid the Traffic

If the lead verticals you operate in don’t mesh well with the retail and product-driven frenzy of Cyber Monday, your best approach might be to avoid the traffic. It’s possible that any leads you pay to generate will cost you more and due to the general abundance of traffic, the leads may not be as high of quality.

2. Take Cyber Monday Head On

Of course the more entertaining approach is to attempt to take advantage of the spike in online traffic. Paid search will certainly cost more, but some creative marketing just may help you find a jackpot of leads. We definitely see the potential of Cyber Monday causing an uptick in payday loan leads or even debt related lead types shortly after. Co-Registration paths could even see an uptick in success as people seek out additional deals and opportunities. Finally, if you generate leads for any consumer products or even larger purchases, you probably already know the huge opportunity ahead. If you do decide to take cyber monday head on, we wish you the best!

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