Lead Sellers, Are You Helping Your Buyers Stay FTC Compliant?

If you’re affiliated with the lead industry in any way, you probably feel like there are new FTC rules surfacing just about every day. We know it can be a bit tough keeping your ear to the ground and ensuring that you are being completely compliant in every aspect of your business. So how do you think your lead buyers feel? They are the ones making the actual calls after all. In many cases, lead buyers have to trust that each source they are purchasing leads from are following the rules in order to stay compliant themselves. So our question to you is, “Are you helping your buyers stay FTC compliant?”

stay ftc compliant with Boberdoo lead management software

What’s the Latest?

Earlier this Spring, the FTC provided clarification on several rules regarding a lead buyer making outbound calls to a lead that was generated by a different company. For a full explanation on the discussion, check out attorney Marc Roth’s take.

This article touches on many specific scenarios regarding lead generators and lead re-sellers and the lead buyer’s ability to make an outbound call to the lead (even if the lead is on the Do Not Call registry). However, there is one major takeaway that all lead sellers should be aware of. Lead sellers should be providing complete transparency to the lead in regard to exactly who purchased their information and who will be in contact with them.

What Does This Mean?

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules for providing buyer information to the lead, industry regulations and FTC rhetoric are certainly trending in that direction. Furthermore, the most sophisticated buyers that are well versed in FTC regulations may even require a seller to pass their information to leads before agreeing to do any business at all with the seller. And with the ability to dynamically provide your leads with buyer information so readily available, it is certainly already a best practice to provide this information.


How Can I Do This?

While every lead distribution system is different, sophisticated solutions like boberdoo have the built-in ability to display the matching lead buyer’s information to the lead at two different touch points.

Confirmation Page

Because each lead that passes through the boberdoo system requires a response, we are able to capture the response and company information from the matching buyer and dynamically parse that information onto your confirmation page. This way, the lead gets immediate notification of each of the buyers that will be reaching out regarding their submission.


Alternatively, or in addition to the confirmation response, the boberdoo system also allows you to provide the matching buyer information in an email autoresponder. Again, this information is dynamically displayed in an email, giving the lead full disclosure on which companies may be contacting them.

About boberdoo.com

boberdoo.com is a software as a service provider for lead companies. Our software fully optimizes and automates all of your lead business’s back office tasks, including all of the options mentioned above. If you’re looking for additional solutions that will help you remain FTC and TCPA compliant, please fill out the form below.

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