October 2013 Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter


Welcome to the October 2013 newsletter for boberdoo.com. There have been a lot of changes around here in recent weeks and we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about what is new, what is important, and why you should care.

Call routing for lead generation companies

Does your company sell calls in addition to web leads? If not, it should. Read more to find out why...

Quick tip video of the month: call routing

Dominika from boberdoo.com highlights some of the features and functionality for call routing...

Call routing video image



New to boberdoo: live webinars

We have heard from our clients, "boy, I wish I knew boberdoo had that." In an effort to raise the awareness of the powerful features and functionality available in the boberdoo.com distribution system, we are introducing the first of many live webinars. The first webinar will be this Friday, 10/4/13, at 2:00pm CDT and cover the various options regarding call routing, including raw calls, duration, live transfers and more. It is open to any boberdoo client or prospect, just click here to join.

Responsive web design and lead generation - part 1

Your websites are probably getting more traffic on cell phones and tablets than you realize. Are your sites set up to best serve your potential leads? Part 1 of our look at responsive web design...

Responsive web design and lead generation - part2

With more internet usage trending toward mobile, this article looks at available solutions. Part 2 of our look at responsive web design...

TCPA and lead generation

New updates to the TCPA law go live next month. Do you know what they are? Are you or your clients potential targets to the class action lawyers that are circling like sharks? If you have no idea what I am talking about, you better read this...

boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution systems since 2001. Our clients sell every kind of lead under the sun from home improvement to payday and everything in between. Some only sell internet leads. Some only sell phone calls. Others sell both. The goal of this newsletter is to try and keep our clients updated on the latest trends in the industry as well as features within their boberdoo.com system they may not know about. If you have an idea for a topic, please let us know.

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